Travel to The March


Who is making travel arrangements for Kansans to attend the march in DC?

  • Buses to Washington: Organizers have coordinated bus routes with Skedaddle and will provide riders with details regarding their bus captains, parking at the pickup point, safety and packing suggestions.

  • As of 1/14/17 all three buses are full and have wait list. We have a ride-share event page for Kansans wanting to attend the Women's March in Washington to coordinate with others. Please check out the link at:

  • There is no *official* mode of transportation, travel company, or lodging location endorsed by the organizers. All participants are advised to do their own research into travel options and choose wisely. The volunteer organizers of this event are not liable for participant transportation, lodging, or other travel, nor the safety of participants during their travels to, within, or from Washington D.C.; please read the disclaimer at the start of this document for more information.

How can I get to the March if I need financial help?